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Algae.Tec soars 34.3% on high volume 5

Rising for a second consecutive day, a two day rise of 67.9% January 27
Remarkable. Especially considering that I thought that the issue wont be fully subscribed, given my understanding of the company's credentials at the time they went public.
I am pleasantly surprised. 
PRICE VOLUME DYNAMICSVolatility: the stock traded between an intraday low of 38.0c and a high of 47.0c, suggesting a trading opportunity between peaks and troughs. Today its volatility of 23.7% was 10.7 times its average volatility of 2.2%. A price rise on high volatility is a bullish signal. Relativities: today its percentile rank in the Australian market of 1,367 stocks and 74 units traded today was 100. Volume: there were 415,015 shares worth $176,907 traded. The volume was 2.5 times average trading of 168,956 shares.
Based on 28,346,668 issued equity shares the market capitalisation is $13.3 million.
Thu January 27 2011 05:39:11 AM by Shankar algae tec  |  public issue  |  mou 11272 views

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Fri January 28 2011 02:56:08 PM

    Just shows more interest than you thought there was in Algae. People will support new technology when it effects there pocket book.

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri January 28 2011 09:29:26 PM

    Yes . Good,. Very good for the algae industry and for all the startups in the algae to oil field. 

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  • Richard wrote:
    Sat January 29 2011 12:19:58 AM

    Is this a measure of the apettite for algae to oil/ hvp like solazyme to go public !!?

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