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Algae Tech to get listed today 33

I must eat my words.Algae Tec has raised $ 5.1 m and is getting listed today.

Algae Tec, a company  that uses algae to produce biofuels and store carbon dioxide will make its debut on the stock exchange today after raising $5.1 million from investors.
Algae.Tec, an Australian-US collaboration, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the ethanol producer Manildra for a demonstration algae production plant at Manildra's starch and ethanol facility at Nowra on the NSW south coast
Algae.Tec also has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hong Kong company Pacific Minerals and the Australian company RKD International for the establishment of a Chinese joint venture. It is aimed at introducing Algae.Tec's technology to China.
more http://www.smh.com.au/business/algae-venture-to-make-debut-20110112-19o70.html
Thu January 13 2011 06:54:31 AM by Shankar algae tec  |  public issue  |  mou 2712 views

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  • Thu January 13 2011 06:58:36 AM

    Yes many of us thought that Algae tec will find it difficult to get its issue fully subscribed.

    Its good news for the industry.

    Not just that. The market is expected to be bouyant today.

    The Australian stock market posted its strongest day in six weeks, with investor sentiment buoyed by offshore news and a lower-than-expected flood peak in Brisbane

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  • SwanChoi wrote:
    Thu January 13 2011 10:34:57 PM

    Do you hae skype nr and le me haveit  and  wll discuss re biz.Tks my skype id is swan-choi

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