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how to make a lab sclae photobioreactor 8

You know guys I'm going make a lab scale photobioreactor in the University. But, I want it to be both cheap and applicable. I'm wondering if any one can give an assistance on this issue
Sun May 02 2010 02:39:10 PM by SeyedKavehMohtashami photobioreactor structure 2655 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Mon May 03 2010 02:38:19 AM

    Hi Seyed

    I am a Business management graduate and interested in manufacturing a photo bioeactor. My knowledge is less than zero on a photo bioreactor. But i am sure i can make a photo bioreactor if someone gives me the knowhow at a much cheaper rate than most parts of the world.
    Keep in touch me thru the oilgae club and keep me informed of the progress that you are making.

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Mon May 03 2010 01:33:28 PM

    Well, as you are in a agricultural university, having all the resources likes wooden planks, urine(cow), green house net and a small motor you can make a photobiorector of fairly good capacity, if you can get few plastic sheets....... And grow algae for food, fuel and Excellent BIOFERTILIZER....

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  • Kweku414 wrote:
    Mon May 03 2010 06:20:46 PM

    I'd like to ask the favor if anyone gets the technical info to build the photoreactor, if they could pass it on and I will do likewise. Thanks

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Mon May 03 2010 07:09:49 PM

    Dear Seyed,
    You can use a simple method for large scale algae cultivation. You have to cultivate algae in a polyethylene bags. The design is showed in this link:


    and also you can search in youtube about photobioreactors and you will get a lot of designs.

    Best Wishes

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  • Tue May 04 2010 11:38:46 AM

    hi dear Abomohra
    thanks for your comment but you know you tube is filtered in my country so I' be appreciated if you send me the plan of the PBR you mentioned by other ways expect for you tube

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  • Algaegeek wrote:
    Wed May 05 2010 04:30:19 PM


    I'm currently building a benchtop-scale Closed-loop PBR. I have the Google SketchUp models up on my blog as well as my progress in the project.

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