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The Plan of Approach 3

Hi Everyone, thank you for responding to my posting. Currently the plan is to identify what the specific plan is and break it down in detail. So in EdaPhons case the Purpose is to have an algal photobioreactor designed to facilitate the recycling of nutrients from organic wastes from any given Bio Region and result in producing energy in the form of Bio Fuel and food for that given community. This process will bring jobs, recycling, environmental awarness, health, independence, and economic stability to whatever community it is employed within. So the goal is to seek help from this forum in indentifying the most appropriate species of Algae and then design the technology to propogate this species in an appropriate manner. Therefore we need to disect the entire Given scenario down into manageable chunks. By this i mean take the given Goal or target Plan, highlight the steps needed to bring this plan to life, and then throught this Oilgae forum, if approved by Oilgae, designate specific areas of research to individuals who will undertake to carry out detailed and thorough research on their specific task. Alongside this Many more people will be researching their specific area and we could then use the Oilgae forum as a Central Hub to compile the findings. From these findings we will then be in the position to identify what the next steps are and plan there execution from that point. Eventually we will have a Library of customised and focused knowledge from which we will then design the solution.

My First act was the identification of the most appropriate species for the given purpose or Goal. In this case it looks like Botryococcus Braunii is a likely contender. However it may be possible that there are good reasons why this species in not the best choice, thus the purpose of the forum. Eventually each individual who has a desire to contribute in this manner and for this cause will find their "fit" in the program and then we will have an invincible force for creating real powerful solutions to some very serious problems.

These are my thoughts at present.
Wed May 05 2010 01:34:49 PM by Sean 1488 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 09:36:34 AM

    Great post. I dont know much about the technology.
    I just read in our own oilgaeclub, that B Braunii has the problem of takeing too much time to double itself.
    Can other erudite members of this forum recommend B Brauni or other strains.
    Some one must suggest costing too. How much of algae do i need to grow to extract 1 litre of diesel. Can someone give us a. kilos of algae required to get one litre of diesel. b. time taken by that strain to double itself
    c. universality of the strain ie temperature and pressure requirement and environment etc

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  • Fri May 07 2010 06:26:49 PM

    dear sir I have the product to change waste to be
    fed to algae my e.mail is harleyrichard82@googlemail.com

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Sat May 08 2010 03:43:37 AM

    Richard Harley
    The idea of the club is we learn about new products and processes, new services etc
    Can u post your idea as a blog ?
    Thanks Richard

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