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A Call For Support , == CIC (Community Interest Company) a Hybrid between For
The Greater Good and Conventional Business structure 3

i have been developing a project called EdaPhon for a number of years now.

EdaPhon is a {Community Interest Company} CIC which simply means it is a Hybrid between a conventional business legal format and a Not for Profit, for "The Greater Good" charitable legal structure.

l have chosen this structure to facilitate the need for encouraging Social and Environmental awareness and responsibility into mainstream business awareness.

EdaPhon has devised a unique formula whereby via process of replication we can effectively encourage a new way to produce food and energy across the globe that is totally Sustainable, Ethical, Environmentally sound, Profitable and will enable each of us to participate in returning balance to our ecosystem and equality to the global market place, all under the one simple process and ethos.

We will unfold each of these projects via the profits raised by the preceeding projects and will apply them in predetermined locations of most need . The primary principles of each instalation have been well researched and are well proven and are instantaenously applicable via "off the shelf" technology and know how.

However the principle and most important aspect of each Instalation is the Algae propogation section. As yet there is no suitable Algae propogation technology (PBR) ready to plug this gap and in keeping with EdaPhon philosopy we are now well advanced in creating this technology ouselves. This IP will be held by the CIC.
In line with a global concensus we believe that the true potential of Algae has not yet been realised. As a result of our intensive research into a holistic solution we believe we have devised a ground breaking approach to Algae propagation that will release Algaes true reproductive potential.

Our primary process description and theory has been well received by some key academic instuitions under rigid NDA and confidentiality.

A Planned Research and Development program is well under way with a promiment University, in our attempt to Plug this gap.

Being a "For the Greater Good" company we welcome beneficial participation from everyone and would like to ask for your support in our endeavours.

Our goal is to become "The Peoples Company" in that we desire to have everyone involved no matter in how trivial or significant a manner, but to have this momentum become a major contributor to the much needed reformation of our Agricultural, Municipal and Commercial practices.

This structure will innately effect a total permanent and indestructable solution to Global warming, Climate Change, Falling Health and Nutrition, and Fairness and Equality across the globe.

As stated at the start of this piece, the company is a Hybrid between "Not for Profit" and the conventional "Profit Orientated" business profile.
This is deliberate because as well as increased Social and Environmental responsibility, Good solid business protocol and discipline is essential if we are to do real long term far reaching good which can only ever be achieved via the responsible generation and re-distribution of Money.

However the CIC ststus also enables all share holders and investors to attain a respectable return on investment and reward for risks taken, But, and it is a "Big But", the Lions share of Profit from the company must be retained and redistributed only on more
"For the Greater Good" projects thus this structure becomes self financing Totally Sustainable and is suitable for the enormousity and scale of the Environmental and Humanitarian needs facing us as a civilisation.

This is a call for your support.

We need academic support,
We need financial support,
We need practical hands on support,
We need support from people qualified or experienced in setting up such a business profile or organisation from business structure, legal structure, share structure etc etc.

We welcome any and all comments, help, guidance on the above intention and planned process.

"In the beginning there was Algae and today in typical and appropriate fashion, we return to Algae to provide the much needed solutions"

We know we have a very powerful model here and it will deliver sustainable meaningful results, but only if we All interact co-operate and contribute selflessly.

We believe this new form of Social and Environmental awarness and Responsibility is the only solution for the awsome issues we are facing globally.

We also believe in abundance and totally reject the notion that the answers to social injustice and environmental reformation are dependent on hand outs from the few who are in control of the worlds wealth.

This is a notion we as a caring and mature society must move away from,the solutions are freely available by activating our own innate intuitive powers of creativity and manifestation.

No one is to blame for anything, we all are guilty of nothing more than doing the best we could with the tools we had at the time, and profit orientated self gain business structure was how it was done in the past.

It is important to note that many people who have created and run highly succesfull businesses have subsequently contributed to charitable and humanitarian needs in unprecedented ways and manner way beyond the call of duty.To these people we owe a great debt of gratitude.

This is a new era and the solutions lie in co-operation and increased social inclusion and conciousness. In this non discriminating and non-judgemental manner we will encourage and enjoy the support of all, no matter what their social and financial status.

If you support this ethos we very much need to hear from you and truly need your participation.

Thank you.
Mon May 03 2010 11:43:35 PM by Sean 1401 views

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Mon May 03 2010 01:23:59 PM

    A great effort....... All the best...
    To start of with, the roof top cultivation of algae for food, fuel and to capture CO2 would be a nice idea, if done strategically.... Because, that needs minimum investment, gives good returns, and lots of associated benefits

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  • Jivatma wrote:
    Wed May 05 2010 02:14:30 AM

    I would like to help, I am going for my first algae class next month with the University of Texas. Permaculture certified by the end of the summer, so let me know what I can do. If you are operating anywhere in the US I can mobilize to where you are.

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  • Sheyda007 wrote:
    Mon December 06 2010 02:16:09 PM

    I would be delighted to help,but have no idea how!

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