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Little Alga and the Sonorous Sounds of Industry

GANDHI SAYS: BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. We have that opportunity right now.


We know because of technology the global wind market is set to propel by 155% to 2012 but the magic of wind will not save the millions of jobs that depend on oil derivatives. Thanks to a prediction by geophysicist King Hubbert in 1956 we are aware that oil production as we know it is set to run out sooner rather than later thus we need an oil replacement. The second problem of immense significance applies to CO2 levels in the atmosphere.


Everything is a blot on the landscape if you are a purist and although wind is free it is far from inexpensive to harness. You see try as it might the wind industry is falling short because although one may produce products with the energy harnessed through wind one may not be able to make things from the energy harnessed.


      One cannot hold energy in ones hands and say well now let me think what can I make today from your resourcefulness? Hmmm the answer would be nothing and so in order to prevent mass unemployment and a worse depression than we have ever known we need an alternative. Thus to debate the inconsistencies of alternative energy without offering a clearer solution would be a superfluous waste of your time and so I beg your patient attention please.


The thing of it is our world is designed on the oil production blueprint which brings us to the third generation and great assembly of bio-fuel opportunity in LITTLE ALGA and is the most exciting of the whole spectrum:


  Little Alga or plural algae: only 5 micrometers to 5 milligrams in size and lipid oil takes up to 50% of their body mass providing cleaner fuel than petroleum based.

  Algae are capable of fixing CO2 in the atmosphere thus facilitating the reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels which is a global concern.

  Algae bio-fuel is non toxic, contains no sulphur and is highly bio-degradable.

  This is a feedstock that has the potential to revolutionize the world of energy and may be the miracle element in the search for a more environmentally-friendly, mass-produced product that can be converted into fuel.

  Under optimum growing conditions macro and micro-algae are reported to produce over 165,243/litres/hectare/year on non-competing agricultural land. If you scale that to the demands of the EU and then allocate specifically to each country their allotment would equal total freedom from fossil fuels while contributing to employment on a grand scale.

  Because there is no drilling processing plants may be strategically located which compliments reduction of our carbon footprint.

  There are primarily two systems a) open pond @ 100,000.00 / hectare and b) photobioreactor @ 1 - 1.5 million/hectare. The expenses of the latter are outweighed by significant increases in quality of product and yield of oil harvested. This translates to a cost of about 40cent/litre approx. As each week dawns more advances pop up and consequently there are improvements added which induces the excitement that the time for this industry is now.

  Thanks in part to seven decades of research already effective around the globe and this has an early mover advantage as the industry is just about to take off and we need to embrace this industry with enthusiasm and now is the time!

  Now if I hold any of the proven strains of algae in my hands and say well now let me think what can I make today from your resourcefulness?

  I will receive a deluge of suggestions because the oil from algae is tangible. We may make food supplements, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, methane, jet fuel etc with the leftovers supplying raw material for fertilizer, plastic, lubricants and cosmetics etc.


The conclusion arrived at by leading developers around the world is that:

  Even with few challenges taken into consideration algae bio fuels advantages look to make it one of the foremost clean energy markets in the world.

  Algae biofuel production holds future promise for developing countries like Moldova and Latvia as well as our own country and basically all self respecting countries around the globe seeking financial and economic freedom plus energy independence.

  Algae will provide more jobs and help with balancing the books alleviating massive debt while complimenting the winds of change and reduce poverty.

  One more thing, ALGAE are unique because of the 100,000 plus strains that may either be turned into food supplements or bio-fuel alternatives.

  Last but not least in the US NAVY FLEET a mixture of 50/50 bio-fuel with JP-5 was used in a supersonic flight of a Green Hornet and also 50/50 mix with F-76 diesel fuel was used in a Riverine command boat and the engines did not know the difference. The good news too is that the USNAVY have received the first shipment of bio-fuel derived from algae. . . Whoopee!

  Algae are the catalyst and the missing link for industry to survive and thrive. Except now it shall be cleaner and more energy efficient inducing our world to bigger challenges because after seven decades of R and D the technology is in place  facilitating the algae industry to take off and expand dramatically.

  If I ask you to choose between an industry that has limited potential versus an industry that has a proven multitude of possibilities with increasing employment which would you choose?  


Thank you for your time.

Tomas Coimin

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