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Some numbers from the past. (blogs) Posted by SAMDevelopment on Sun August 22 2010 03:58:42 PM 8

Let's continue with the math on a industrial algae
system that converts 25,000 scfm of CO2 into crude algae oil and dry algae meal.
BTW, what is going to happen to the very 'thin' market
of high priced speciality products when, let's say 50
of these systems come on line? Can you say ""POOOF""!

Question #3: What is the GROSS returns in dollars for the production of two algae products....oil and protien meal? We assume that the algae production will be equally divided; 50% oil and 50% meal.

Here are some additional assumptions: oil sells for $80.00 per barrel, algae meal sells for $300.00 dollars per ton.

OK, here we go.....

Lets solve this problem for one days production first.

We know from Q #2 that we are producing 793.368 tons
of dry algae per day from a CO2 source of 25,000 scfm.

We assume that this dry algae is 50% oil and 50% meal.

793.368 tons per day of dry algae
./. 50% 50/50 oil and meal
= 396.684 tons of oil and tons of meal per day

Lets work with the meal first.

396.684 tons of meal per day
X $300 $300.00 per ton = ~what SBOM is worth
119,005.20 Dollars per day for algae meal

Now lets work the returns for the algae oil.

396.684 tons of oil per day
X 2,000 lbs. per ton
= 793,368 lbs. oil per day

793,368 lbs. oil per day
./. 7.5 lbs. per gallon of oil
105,782 gals of oil per day

105,782 gals of oil per day
./. 42 gals of oil per barrel
=2,518.6 barrels of oil per day
X $80 $per barrel
=$201,488 Dollars per day from algae oil
119,005.20 Dollars from algae meal per day
=$320,493.20 Total gross dollars per day


320,493.20 returns per day for oil and meal
./. 1,440 # of minutes in a day
= $222.56 Dollars per minute


$320,493.20 returns per day for oil and meal
X 365 Days per year
=$116,980,018.00 GROSS Return per year 25,000 scfm



A man and his dog.

Alan Schaefer and "Annie"


Monday Math.....Gross revenues from 25,000 SCFM Posted by SAMDevelopment on Mon May 17 2010 11:01:01 AM 7

Dear FOA (Friends Of Algae)

Here is a contest for the week of May 17. Using the numbers I gave you a week ago in "Algae Math and More Conversions" let's figure out what the GROSS Returns
would be for a CO2 emitter of 25,000 SCFM.

Here are some assumptions:

This medium size CO2 emitter will discharge 25,000 scfm.

We will be working with a very rapidly growing GM algae.

This algae will be harvested at 50% oil and 50% meal.

This algae will produce 30 grams of dry matter every 24 hours per liter capacity of the bioreactor.

The oil will sell for $80 per barrel. The meal will
sell for $300 per ton. (1 ton = 2,000 lbs.)

Ansewer these questions:

1. How big (in gallons) does the bioreactor(s) have to
be to convert this amount of CO2 to biomass?
2. What is the production of algae (dry weight is assumed when we talk about algae, i.e. "30 grams per liter capicity") Give your answer in lbs. per minute.
Tons (1 ton = 2,000 lbs.) per minute, tons per day and tons per year.
3. Give your answer in $ per minute, $ per hour and $ per year. Remember these are GROSS dollars, we have NOT figured out what the production costs will be.....yet.
Remember to use the formulas in the previous posts.

Good Luck. Lets have some answers by Wed. or Thurs.

Alan Schaefer and Annie (my Boarder Collie Puppy)

A case study against solar photo-bio-reactors Posted by SAMDevelopment on Sun April 25 2010 07:06:09 PM


The above link is worth serious study. It is obivious
that the author is leaving many expenses out of his caculations so taking that into account what do you think
of his conclusions????????????