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Thanks for the kind words 2

I have been working 16 hours per day for the last????? long time. Not bad for an old guy of 72. I LOVE it!! But as my mother (she is 102) would say, "your a meer child". I have about a week of hard work ahead of me and then I can slack off to a more 'normal' pace. I look forward to geting back on oilgae............. Yesterday I finished filling the #1 PBR, well it's full plus about 50 gallons on the ground, didn't turn the hose off in time. This is just a leak test, it looks very good, just a few very small "weeps" and one weld burn-through that I plugged with a couple toothpicks, am I an engineer or what?? ( probably an OR WHAT?) ;) I will let the water in at the maximum it will hold and see if everything stays basically water tight. then I will draw down to the 'working level' and start circulation tests. Then the water will be pumped into PBR#2 and do the same thing. The real fun part is about to start!!! I can't wait. Again thanks for your kind words. Alan Schaefer aka SAMDevelopment......when I really get some time and the right mood I will tell you about SAM. ..... Cheers and have a great day.......
Alan Schaefer aka SAMDevelopment.....8-14-10
Sat August 14 2010 10:53:13 AM by SAMDevelopment 1973 views

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  • George wrote:
    Sat August 14 2010 11:20:01 AM

    Ggod luck Sam! This is really exciting. George

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  • Emily wrote:
    Sat August 14 2010 12:33:44 PM

    U look much younger than 72 Alan.
    Shankar is an investor and he knows whom to back.

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