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WHO's WHO in LED research??? 10

We are looking to support the most promising NEW research
in the field of bio-reactor lighting with LEDs.
If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in this project please contact us at;


Thank You for your time and help.

Alan Schaefer
Wed June 02 2010 10:44:06 PM by SAMDevelopment 2136 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu June 03 2010 03:32:10 AM

    Hi Alan
    It will be great if you can also post some blogs / articles etc about LEDs in bioreactor.

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  • Thu June 03 2010 12:00:16 PM

    I was hoping that someone 'out-there' would come forward with new or old information on LEDs to help enlighten all of us.

    Alan Schaefer

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  • Sat June 05 2010 03:48:12 AM

    Here are a few points to start a discussion with:
    1. 50 watts will power 1,000 LEDs.
    2. Some algae like (perform best) at ~440 and ~660
    um of wave lenght.
    3. Algae do not like bright light.
    4. Algae do not need long resting (dark) periods.
    5 ? You fill in the blanks......
    6 ?

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  • Sat June 05 2010 04:02:02 AM

    Explain why a PBR with a debth of 20 feet and a surface area of 43,560 sq. ft. and with LED lighting,top to bottom, is equal to _______acres of open ditch bio-reactors.

    Alan Schaefer

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  • Vign2211 wrote:
    Wed June 16 2010 06:25:00 PM

    dear sam ,
    using led for growing algae is a good idea as it saves more power reducing cost of production, as far as i know algaes growth also depends intensity of light, so the only question is whether led can provide same lux as cfl's.

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  • Palani wrote:
    Wed October 13 2010 05:02:31 AM

    Aloha Alan,

    I'm currently working with OSRAM SYLVANIA for LED Light-relay to biomass. I plan to test their Systems in my PBR Prototype.

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  • Wed October 13 2010 05:41:28 PM


    Thanks for the update and lead for lights. I suspose you are flashing (or "Disco lights" as
    Andreas calls it) and useing ~440 and ~660nm wavelenghts. How long is their guaranttee?


    Alan Schaefer

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