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More conversions........ 9

1,440 min./day

Goal; Production per day per liter capacity = 30 grams dry algae per Liter.

3.78 L/gal X 30 gr/L = 113.4 grams/gal/day

1 tonne cement = 1.25 tonnes of CO2

1 ton of coal when burned = 2 tons CO2
1 megawatt-hour of coal produced energy = .91 tonnes CO2

Do you have any to add to this list????

Alan Schaefer aka SAMDevelopment
Wed May 12 2010 02:48:32 PM by SAMDevelopment 1564 views

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  • Vign2211 wrote:
    Wed May 12 2010 04:48:49 PM

    Please help me with 0000 concept

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  • Thu May 13 2010 09:54:16 PM

    I'm sorry! When I first wrote these figures out they were in a neat table format. After I sent them out to the blog everything was just run together. Looked horrible! So I decided to put something between the lines, something like "O"s'.
    I apoligise.....I think it looks worst now then before.

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sun May 16 2010 12:40:00 PM

    Cool and useful stuff, Alan. Way to go!

    A coupla notes:
    Algae production goal: you have written 30 g/ liter per day. I think it should be 30 g/m2/day. Right now, it is about 1 g/l/day for open ponds, and perhaps about 3 g/l/day for PBRs

    Rest seem to be OK

    And once again, a nice idea to put down all these in one place

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Mon May 17 2010 01:07:29 PM

    Can someone more comp savvy put these figs in a table format as SAM wanted it ! That is the least one should be able to get done in a club. small help !

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  • Vign2211 wrote:
    Mon May 17 2010 06:03:47 PM

    thanks so 0000 is nothing. that now makes everything clear

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 12:02:14 PM

    I know I am a poor student. But you are giving me so many zeros before even I understand the funda.
    I wonder how many zeros you will give me when you conduct a test. J

    Can someone put Alan's ALGAE MATH COURSE in a more simple table without the zeros. Please !

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue May 18 2010 12:03:51 PM

    What is SCFM ?

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  • Tue May 18 2010 12:50:45 PM

    Narsi, thanks for the encouragement.

    In my blog where I said "30 grams per liter per day" I ment to say '30 grams per liter CAPACITY'
    per day' it makes a big difference if you can figure out what we are doing.
    Take Care.......Alan Schaefer....

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  • Karthic wrote:
    Wed May 19 2010 01:34:51 PM

    Manohar Sir,
    SCFM:Standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) is the volumetric flow rate of a gas corrected to "standardized" conditions of temperature, pressure and relative humidity, thus representing a precise mass flow rate.

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