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Grant for Algae oil research

A Kansas State University researcher's work on making the costs of algae oil production more economical is being recognized by the National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development programme.

K-State's Weinqiao "Wayne" Yuan, assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering, has received a five-year, $400,000 grant through the foundation's CAREER programme for his project, "Multi-scale Structured Solid Careers Enabling Algae Biofuels Manufacturing in the Ocean."

The long-term goal of Yuan's project is to make energy manufacturing from algae economically viable. His vision is to identify the best large solid carriers -- thin sheets of metals or polymers - that oil-rich algae can be grown on for biofuels manufacturing in the ocean. The project also includes determining what surface textures - such as smooth or dimpled -- are best for algae growth through both experimental and theoretical investigations.
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