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Argentenine Scientists Research Bio-Diesel Production from Micro-algae

A team of Argentine researchers from the National Technological University of Mar del Plata (UTN) is working on a research project to produce bio-diesel from marine micro-algae, with the aim of developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable processes.

A fundamental factor of this project centers on the replacement of high-cost raw materials, like carbon dioxide and cultivation items, with the availing of environmental liabilities like industrial emissions and sewage mud,the university informed.

Micro-algae has certain advantages like it does not restrict human food consumption and fresh water is not used, but rather sea water, which cools the equipment of a large factory near the location where the project is developed.Also the yield per hectare per year is 8000 litres of oil the scientists confirmed.

During the development of the project, which began in 2008, a species of very productive micro-algae with high oil content was adapted to local conditions and was cultivated in pools of up to 2,000 litres during the four seasons of the year.

The researchers emphasise that they reached compatible cellular densities with its mass production and the micro-algae were separated satisfactorily from the cultivation water by means of flocculation and centrifugation.

In addition, they extracted the total oil content and determined by means of gaseous chromatography that the oil obtained is apt for bio-diesel production (FIS)
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