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Strategic path for the development of microalgal bio-diesel in China Posted by RobertTulip on Fri August 06 2010 12:28:27 AM 14

Preliminary draft paper for comment

Abstract: The use of liquid fossil fuel is limited by the declining petroleum reserves in the earth's crust and the need to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide level. To supply energy for development in a low-emission economy, bio-energy is required. Guangxi Province can be a leader for China in biofuel. Guangxi already has the largest ethanol production plants in China, but substitution of biofuel for diesel is stalled. We propose that investment in microalgae should be the main energy focus, aiming at producing 500 million tons of bio-diesel per year to replace China's current fossil fuel use for liquid energy supply. Algae biofuel is likely to be the best and only practical source for energy security and stability in many market segments. Algae biofuel also has spillover benefits for climate, environment, economic growth and food supply. The Government of China should support algae biodiesel research and development on industrial scale.