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Ocean Based Algae Biofuel System 6

Dear friends, please see my proposals for new inventions to scale up algae production. My proposed system combines the best elements from raceway pond and photobioreactor designs, powered by sun, wave and tide. I would welcome assistance to patent and commercialise these ideas.


Provisional Patent Application Ocean Based Algae Biofuel Production System - R Tulip July 2009

Algae Biofuel Feedstock Proposal

Large Scale Ocean Based Algae Production System - Preliminary Concept Document R Tulip March 2009

Ocean Based Algae Production System Ancillary Devices
Fri March 19 2010 11:43:14 PM by RobertTulip 1724 views

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  • Sat May 01 2010 09:47:36 PM

    Interesting ideas, Robert. I like to see someone else thinking big- this is not a problem which will have a small solution.

    I'm currently studying for a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise at the University of Auckland. The course is about commercialising biotechnology, and I enrolled on it to give me tools to better work on commercialising large scale oceanic algae farming. I think the best algae will be seaweeds, though- much easier to harvest and process, even though they seem to have less promising chemistry.

    What help are you looking for to commercialise your ideas?

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  • Sun May 02 2010 01:10:10 AM

    Thanks Spicedreams. The real issue is that we have passed peak oil and we lack the brains to switch in time from the internal combustion engine, so the world needs biodiesel on mega scale. Only algae grown at sea can provide fuel at the scale and speed needed to prevent economic collapse.

    As you may have seen in one of my linked papers, I consider it may be possible to de-water micro algae at low cost by sinking it in a bag deep in the sea and forcing the water out through a membrane.

    I am working to commercialise the prerequisite technology of floating bags of fresh water at sea, with NZ partners. This will give us a corporate basis to begin research and development on the ocean based algae proposal.

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