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Climate Apocalypse

This talk by Dan Miller presents compelling evidence for the looming climate apocalypse. We are on a path to global catastrophe. In talking about a crisis of Biblical scale, Miller gives us cause to think about the reality of the four horsemen of the apocalypse - famine, plague, war and death. These horses are now being saddled by a silent and invisible gas that is just under 400 parts per million in the atmosphere - carbon dioxide.

Slides from Dan Miller's talk are at climateplace.org/file/Slides_files/A%20 ... 0).key.pdf
The full lecture is at fora.tv/2009/08/18/A_REALLY_Inconvenien ... _Dan_Mille and a summary is at http://climateplace.org/file/Summary.html.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch this talk, which is a most lucid short explanation of the reality of our global predicament.

Miller explains that humans have evolved to react to threats which are visible, familiar, accepted, simple, hostile and direct. Climate change is none of these, so we have a learned helplessness in the face of it. Business as usual will cause extinction of humanity.

My view is that geo-engineering through large scale ocean based algae production is the only realistic way to prevent catastrophic climate change. Tax changes and personal behavior change are irrelevant. A systemic transformation of the global economy with breakthrough technology is the only thing that will make a difference. I explain my ideas here.

The real psychological impasse in the climate debate is that action is seen as modern and left wing, while inaction is seen as traditional and right wing. While climate debate remains beholden to these traditional political categories, with their links to the legacy of conflict between socialism and capitalism, there is no chance of effective action occurring. Climate response has to be a purely free enterprise capitalist initiative, aiming to make extremely large profit from saving the world. Socialism is out of kilter with real human incentives and motivations, and is just about big government and stagnation. While climate response remains linked to socialist groups such as green parties it has no chance of success.

Addressing climate has nothing to do with building a popular movement, it is about defining a vision for action and leadership through innovative technology and gaining investment to apply workable solutions.

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