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Biofuels via hydrolysis of seaweed - a patent Posted by Richard on Wed September 22 2010 07:29:58 AM 4

This is a patent from Korea.

Disclosed is a method for producing a biofuel. It comprises hydrolyzing an extract from a seaweed selected from a group consisting of red algae, brown algae, green algae or a combination therof in a presence of a heterogeneous catalyst; and converting the hydrolysate through enzymatic fermentation or chemical reaction into the biofuel. The heterogeneous catalyst can be recycled without a load of wastewater treatment and make the process simpler, thus enjoying a comparative advantage in terms of production cost and by-product treatment expense. In addition, the heterogeneous catalyst can be applied to a fixed bed reactor, allowing the process to be performed in a continuous manner. As a result, a smaller reactor can be employed at higher efficiency and productivity.

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