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Algae based plastics - 5 to 8 years away - Frederic Scheer Posted by Richard on Mon September 13 2010 02:14:39 AM

The bioplastics market is on a strong growth path and most of the growth will come from renewable-based polyolefin substitutes, as opposed to compostables, according to the CEO of US-based bioplastics producer Cereplast.

Federic Scheer 
Compostable plastics, such as resins purely made from starch-based polylactic acid (PLA) or polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), still cannot directly compete with traditional commodity plastics as it is a fairly small industry.

 People are not willing to pay for bioplastics with a 50-60% premium attached, much less twice the price of a traditional plastic, he added.
Cereplast is selling its hybrid PP resins, which contain starch-based materials, at a slightly higher price. The resins required less energy compared to traditional plastics, thus enabling customers to offset the premium, noted Scheer.
Cereplast is selling its hybrid PP at around 90 cents/lb ($1,984/tonne), while a truckload of hydrocarbon-based PP would cost 80-82 cents/lb for a small quantity order, he estimated. 

The company is also working to develop a starch-based hybrid PE, which is expected to be commercialized early next year.
Where the growth will come from  ?
Scheer said Cereplast has been speaking with major polyolefin producers in the US and Europe, although no announcements are expected in the near future.
"We will probably see small bioplastic companies such as us venture with very large polyolefin manufacturers.

 This is where the tremendous amount of growth will come from for bioplastics,"said Scheer. 

"Polyolefin producers are definitely intrigued but they are still in the wait-and-see mode when it comes to bioplastics."
"It will take a long time before bioplastic will have a major impact on the overall plastic market, even though the industry is growing exponentially," said Scheer.

Cereplast is also working on developing algae-based plastics, but commercialization could be five to eight years away. "We are working with the US Department of Energy and Department of Defense to see if we can get a supply of algae waste from its algae jet fuel program,"said Scheer.
 "We need a steady flow of raw material."
So, the 5 to 8 years that he is talking about is to just ensure low cost feedstock. 
Richard Spyros

Bioplastics from blooms !? Posted by Richard on Thu September 02 2010 12:42:34 AM 2

AVS was selected by the DOE for a $6M ARPA-E award to commercialize its ?disruptive? HDD technology.
All of us are aware of it.
  Algaeventure Systems is currently overseeing a $25,000 pilot project in Grand Lake St. Marys, funded by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 
It is hoped the 2.5 acre study will demonstrate the company's ability to turn harmful blue green algae into non-toxic algae by adding silica (sand).
Scientists and researchers are working inside a central Ohio lab at Algaeventure Systems. They are hoping to unlock the secrets of algae as they run tests in tanks and do examinations under microscopes.

Scientists have studied the harmful algal bloom at Grand Lake St. Marys and have an exciting proposal. 
"Could we flip that lake from, in essence, a bad algae to a good algae? In the lab we've been able to do that," said Algaeventure Systems CEO Ross Youngs.
Algaeventure Systems offers a chance to people who live at the lake. Youngs and his colleagues have been developing this technology for the last few years.
"Our primary technology is water solid separation on a microscopic scale," Youngs said.
In fact, the equipment and machines they have created are already being sold to companies interested in harvesting the algae and turning it into a reusable product.
"You could be potentially producing foods or feeds," Youngs added. "You could be producing fertilizers, chemicals, and potentially plastics."
He said this new technology is just the tip of the iceberg. 
"Algae technologies is going to explode onto the future before people even know it," he said.
more http://www.10tv.com/live/content/onnnews/stories/2010/08/30/story_green_ohio_algae.html