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Hybrid algae, seawater, CO2 and advanced tech Posted by Richard on Tue October 19 2010 07:30:34 AM 8

Algenol Biofuels executives have spent decades developing commercial methods for producing ethanol.

Now, thanks in part to a $10 million investment from Lee County, the Fort Myers-based firm will be able to conduct more research in a new 40,000-square foot facility. The plant is scheduled to open Oct. 19.

Algenol produces ethanol directly from carbon dioxide and seawater using hybrid algae, sunlight, and a healthy dose of advanced technology. The company has been refining its methods since it was founded in 2006.
Algenol opens a new R & D plant !!

In 2008, the Business Review reported on a $70 million investment made by Algenol?s partners into their own business.

The company will celebrate the grand opening of its new facility at 16121 Lee Road tomorrow at noon.