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Bicarbonate of soda triggers lipid growth in algae - Joe jones 9

Skyonic is a start up. Joe Jones is the CEO.

Skyonic like Calera is opting to to scrub flue gas of coal plants and extract the co2 from the waste stream -- in an energy-efficient way.

Now, the company has gained another potential market -- algal biofuels.

"Algae biofuel producers have made inquiries," according to the CEO, because bicarbonate of soda apparently speeds algal maturation and also triggers lipid growth. Feeding algae sodium bicarbonate instead of raw carbon dioxide eliminates many of the plumbing and circulation issues that come with pumping CO2 into algae ponds.

It is interesting.
How does one recycle the sodium from the algal biofuel plant ?
In other words what happens to all the chlorine that is a byproduct of caustic soda production?

Interesting it certainly is !


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