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Sapphire energy announces oil in 18 months 6

When Sapphire Energy announced the appointment of an Oil Industry veteran Dean Venardos a fortnight ago I new there is more news from them.
Dean Venardos has  a wealth of experience in refinery operations and processes and can  use his rich knowledge base to ensure Sapphire's facility operations are managed perfectly as the company continues on its growth trajectory.
And now Sapphire announces oil from algae in 18 months. Read what Tim Zenk, vice president of corporate affairs has to say http://www.sapphireenergy.com/news-article/180828-sapphire-energy-algae-oil-in-18
Tue November 16 2010 01:09:39 PM by Richard Tim Zenk  |  Sapphire energy  |  algae biofuel  |  algae oil extraction  |  algae harvesting  |  algae cultivation  |  3197 views

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  • Arden wrote:
    Tue November 16 2010 01:14:11 PM

    Two interesting lines that i read in Tim Zenk's speech.

    " When stressed, algae produce a protein that makes them float, and floating algae are easier to harvest. "


    Unlike most other algae companies, it won't sell the proteins, nutrients and other material after the oil is extracted from the cell. Instead, they will be used in-house as algae food.

    We don't let the really valuable nutrients leave the door," he said.

    This is a departure from what companies like Solazyme and others are doing.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue November 16 2010 01:21:51 PM

    Am surprised that Sapphire Energy is going in for open raceway ponds with GM algae. !!!

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  • Fri November 19 2010 01:38:45 PM

    Algae, in theory, has the potential of producing 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of fuel per acre, higher than most other forms of biomass by a wide margin.

    Algae can also grow in brackish water on marginal land, so it doesn't compete as directly with food agriculture?

    Sapphire's New Mexico farm will consist of three 100-acre facilities made up of ten 10-acre ponds. The first will serve as a test bed for the second 100-acre facility and the second will serve as a test bed for the third. With the third facility, Sapphire hopes to be able to understand how to refine its processes for large-scale commercial production. The cumulative 300 acres of ponds in New Mexico will be capable of generating a million gallons of fuel a year, but in liquid fuels, that's still considered prototype/early commercial demonstration size."


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