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Dunaliella tertiolecta and Tetraselmis 2

Dunaliella tertiolecta and Tetraselmis cultivation. Would any of you be able to clarify the sparging of CO2 (pure) into a small scale system? What about the normal CO2 content of air? Although it is rather minimal, would it be enough to sustain say 1L of culture?

I have seen 02 production of 1 ml/min at densities of 1.3 E6/ml. I have also observed N2 being used at a ratio of 24:1 (N2/CO2) to maintain a stable pH of 8.0. Anyone know the N2 or N03 effect on these cell lines?



Wed November 24 2010 12:36:17 AM by RBradley48 2385 views
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