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secretion of oil from microalgae 28

Can anybody tell about the genes which could be manipulated to make microalgae secrete oil!!!!!!!!
Wed March 17 2010 08:27:52 AM by Poonam 2509 views

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  • Preethi wrote:
    Fri March 26 2010 05:21:07 AM

    Genetic engineering of algae for increased oil yield is an interesting and potential topic too.....

    A research suggests an increase in oil yield by introducing additional copies of the ACCase gene into diatom such as Cyclotella cryptica.

    Another interesting approach to increase oil accumulation and yield in algae is introducing the upp1 gene that codes for a fusion protein. Decreasing expression of the upp1 gene could decrease the proportion of newly assimilated carbon into the carbohydrate synthesis pathways, and consequently increase the flow of carbon to lipids.

    Check these links for more details:



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  • Poonam wrote:
    Tue April 20 2010 07:02:11 AM

    thanks. very recently a full fledged paper in PNAS " Production and secretion of fatty acids in genetically engineered cyanobacteria" has come out. do go through it. It is informative

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