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Small scale Algae production for domestic use

Hi allI am looking into making some experiments for the production of algae for biofuel on a domestic scale. The site we have in mind has a supply of water which can be channelled into the land from the mountains to form water bodies. It is south facing and receives full sun. Our climate is temperate with long warm summers and cold dry winters. We have cattle herds nearby and can use the manure to fertilize the water and also have  a  large supply of ash.
The process of sieving the algae , drying and pressing are under consideration but what i am currently trying to gauge is how big i need to make the water bodies to obtain a significant yield of algae.  Significant being say 1200 L per year.
I know this is all very vague but any indications would be helpful

Many thanks PaulPermaship Teamhttp://sites.google.com/site/permaship1/ 
Mon November 08 2010 11:10:24 AM by Permaship home scale production 1891 views
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