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Materials needed to build a PBR 7

Materials needed to build a PBR

If anybody is interested and want to share, I would like to exchange information onconstruction of PBR.

I am interested in cultivating microalgae (Spirulina platensis)
Sat March 05 2011 01:33:33 PM by Paulo 3238 views

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  • Tue March 08 2011 07:09:03 AM

    What are your production goals?  We are working on 3 different sizes of PBRs. 1,000,000 gal.,

    9,700 gal. and a trailer mounted 4,700 gallon PBR.

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  • Paulo wrote:
    Wed March 09 2011 01:21:46 AM

    Hello! Initially I would like to build a small bench PBR of about 10 liters. I believe in using a shell and tube plastics transparent spiral. Illuminated by fluorescent lamps. My question is about the filtering process, and maintaining the temperature of exhaust gases. I would like to share information about ..

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  • Wed March 09 2011 08:39:39 AM

    Hi Paulo, We beleive that we have the most cost effective bioreactor, and are prepared to share our knowledge on signature of a non disclosure agreement.

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  • Paulo wrote:
    Wed March 09 2011 01:16:26 PM

    I would like to see this contract, because I want to start a master's project at the university of my state in Brazil (UFMG) www.ufmg.br And I would like to work with large-scale production of biomass of algae using bioreactors. I want to see what the best physicochemical conditions for the biomass of existing species of microalgae in ponds here nomeu state. It would be possible to provide its technology for this purpose?

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  • Paulo wrote:
    Thu March 17 2011 01:31:19 PM

    Someone in the same situation i would like to exchange information on how to assemble a small closed PBR?
    my contact: paulobhz@hotmail.com

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  • Mon April 18 2011 05:22:43 AM

    Paulo, if you send me what you have designed so far I will make comments on those ideas.

    If you want to keep this dialog private use my e-mail address.


    If you don't mind would you please send your mail to me twice.....hit the address two times and it will make it easier to spot in the many e-mails I get each day.

    Thank you,


    Alan Schaefer

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  • Thu August 04 2011 06:42:29 AM

    contact me personally through shaishav_bt@yahoo.co.in..i am a student and want to develop a laboratory scale bioreactor.

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