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Photosynthesis is the highly efficient process that algaes and diatoms use to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into sugars and other chemicals. Pigments in green plants and certain bacteria are able to capture energy from sunlight and pigment-protein complexes are then able to transfer the energy into reaction centers at lightning speeds with near 100% efficiency. Recent research has found that the solar photons cause electronic oscillations in the closely packed pigment-protein complex, inducing similar electronic oscillations in the reaction centers. The wavelike oscillations occur on the scale of millionths of a billionth of a second, and take advantage of the unique physics of quantum mechanics, which governs the behavior of atoms, photons, and other subatomic particles. The wavelike quality of the oscillations allows them to simultaneously sample all the potential energy transfer pathways in the photosynthetic system and choose the most efficient. This is the reason for the fast and efficient energy transfer within the photosynthetic system.

Photosynthesis depends on Quantum Entanglement: The wavelike oscillations are sustained in the pigment-protein complex through quantum entanglement, a phenomenon that occurs between two subatomic particles, such as electrons. Electrons are often created in pairs, with one electron having a positive spin, the other having a negative spin. According to quantum mechanics, the spin of each electron is not fixed until it is measured, existing instead as a probability of either choice. Once the spin of one electron is measured, the other electron instantaneously assumes the opposite spin, because the two are entangled at a quantum level.

Quantum Entanglement is present across the entire light harvesting complex and sustains the wavelike oscillations. This Research intends to examine and quantify the 'effect' in a real biological system; the ?PAR-MAXtm PhotoBioReactor? provides means for the Application of ?*Accelerated Articicial Photosynthesis.?

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