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Carbon Emissions To Feed Algae Production 28

carbon emissionsGreen tech company, HDS International announced today the licensing of an algae production technology that uses carbon emissions to feed algae. Developed by Hillwinds Ocean Energy, the technology enables all-natural, industrial non-toxic ocean-based biomass production, significantly reducing production expenses while increasing productivity.  

This innovation, said HDS CEO, Tassos Recachinas, will address “the world's most significant long-term problems, namely eco-sustainability and energy independence." 

The production technology can be applied to remove large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the waste emissions of a carbon emitter (reducing their CO2pollution), and to transfer large volumes of CO2 to photosynthetic organisms, boosting growth rates.

Under the terms of the license, HDS will apply the technology to develop fully integrated carbon capture, sequestration, and algae-for-biofuels production and processing facilities.  

Open-Pond Algae Cultivation

Learn more about Octaform for open-pond algae cultivation here. Photo: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

A renewable and sustainable source of biofuel feedstock, algae contain protein and carbohydrates that can be processed into other marketable co-products (see here). According to many, algae-based biofuels represent the most promising large-scale substitute to petroleum. HDS believes that ocean-based algae production systems provide the best, most scalable pathway to overcome many of the hurdles associated with other conventional and alternative energy sources, while recycling carbon in a manner that is efficient, affordable and environmentally stable.   


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