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Carbon Emissions To Feed Algae Production - 10 years ago

Green tech company, HDS International announced today the licensing of an algae production technology that uses carbon emissions to feed algae. Developed by Hillwinds Ocean Energy, the technology enables all-natural, industrial non-toxic ocean-based ...- more

Dairy Cattle Perform Well On Algae Diet (Study) - 10 years ago

Commercial micro-crop technology provider PetroAlgae recently announced the completion of a major third party study showing that micro-crop meal performs as well as alfalfa in dairy cattle diets. The micro-crop technology employs indigenous, ...- more

Japanese Venture Invests $5 Million Into Algae Biofuels - 10 years ago

Algae biofuels are continuing to capture the imagination of industry. Japanese companies, IHI Corporation, Gene and Gene Technology (G&GT), and theNeo-Morgan Laboratory (NML) recently announced the formation of a joint company hoping to ...- more

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