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Ultrasound algae lysis machine efficacy? 28

Maybe everyone here has checked it out but I can sort of third or fourth hand vouch for what George said about this week's question of the week - the efficiency of wet vs. dry algae processing. 

Yesterday I talked with a vendor of aglal - ultrasound technology and this person said that there are maybe 15 setups in use in the US in both biodiesel and nutritional algae applications.  He made it sound like the nutritional businesses were quietly profiting at least, not just test cases but I don't know.  These machines nix the need for a drying step and sound too good to be true, until you learn the reassuring high price and everything's back to normal.  As one might expect my further questioning was met with maniacal laughter. 

It sounds like most or all of us don't have access to a lysis  machine that works on wet algae and quickly to come up with any numbers.  But if one exists, for me I'd guess that's one staff member's salary worth of savings applied toward such a machine / investor loan. 

Further assuming that this machine exists and does work there's the problem of what size to get.  Starting out, I'd want to get a machine that's not so big that I can't afford other aspects of my business or that whales beach themselves, but not so small that it would be like having a tiny washing machine and a never ending pile of laundry. 

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