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Algal-Oil Capsules and Cooked Salmon: Nutritionally Equivalent Sources of
Docosahexaenoic Acid 4

Continuing on about algae & nutrition.  This is from their abstract:


Food and nutrition professionals question whether supplement-sourced nutrients appear to be equivalent to those derived from natural food sources. [...] These results indicate that algal-oil DHA capsules and cooked salmon appear to be bioequivalent in providing DHA to plasma and red blood cells and, accordingly, that algal-oil DHA capsules represent a safe and convenient source of non?fish-derived DHA.


Journal of the American Dietetic Assoc.  July 2008

Linda M. Arterburn, PhD
Harry A. Oken, MD
Eileen Bailey Hall
Jacqueline Hamersley, MT, ASCP, CLS (NCA)
Connye N. Kuratko, PhD, RD
James P. Hoffman, MD

Thu September 09 2010 03:46:21 PM by Oceanfront 2308 views

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  • Jacintha wrote:
    Fri September 10 2010 12:44:19 AM

    I would any day prefer a well done Salmon than a few capsules :-)

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  • Oceanfront wrote:
    Sat September 11 2010 01:49:59 AM

    I got so excited for pond scum cap possibilities that I forgot all about salmon. By "well done" you mean freeze dried pellets?


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