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I for one, welcome certain of our new trade overlords 1

...Like Amazon.com.  They?re now expanding to China.  Good for them and good for their new vendors who have many direct choices as to how to present and market and price and charge shipping for their goods.  Every aspect of it is democratic and Amazon takes a modest cut.  It?s win all around and my experiences as a customer and vendor have been great.  That is to say, I recognize that enormous corporations don?t have to play dirty tricks to get big. 

There have been some comments recently on Oilgae club blogs to the tune of (and this is from my head) Ugh it?s the big bad corporation issue again, why is it even being discussed?  We?re here to discuss all things algae so let?s leave projecting the future and other assessments to the experts.  Besides they?re a profitable business?

Yes it can a little off topic which is why I?m posting this as a blog entry rather than a response.   No one asked my opinion but I think profit reports are an important zoom in snapshot of what was, and are but one way to assess any sized company.  Basic philosophy and outlook as well as how a person or group of people respond to other people, problems and adapt to the unforeseen is a good one too. 

Besides, selling petroleum in 2010 might be the most difficult, consequence - free task to screw up, so I?m not awed by profit reports.  It?s oil. 

I don?t like Exxon not because they?re a dinosaur trafficking in dead oil, no.  I don?t not like them because they?re a Fortune 500 monolith (or F2 looks like) or because I?ve a habit of railing on whoever The Man happens to be in a situation.  And I don?t even not like Exxon because it and companies like them are supposedly too big to fail, and have the NSA screening patents at the American patent office for them in the interest of national security. 

I justifiably don?t like Exxon in particular because their financial practices are self destructive.  They have a habit of not recognizing golden opporunities.  I would not like them if they were a small business selling anything.  This too big to fail corporation would be too full of failure to get big with their current practices and oversights.  They?d probably be laughed out of the local loan office in my town's loan director, even if it is oil we're talking about.   Yes too there are Exxon fruits that we know about; 30 years of psychopathic, financially nonsensical, spiteful corporate policies which are also a good predictor of their future.

So what does paying attention to others? business practices have to do with what ought to really be discussed here?  I mean, people here are trying to work and figure out how best to process algae and profitably and get on with it.  Dr. Roman Vishniac was a photographer of what many experts already knew was impossible to photograph, and told him so.  But his was a career of many firsts.  He photographed blood pumping through a hamster for instance and he was the first to photograph a living embryo in the womb, and he did it all without harming or killing his subjects.  He said, ?When you treat mother nature with respect, she will show you her secrets.?

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