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Mentee / mentor pairing from SCORE.org for business owners 3

If you own a business, think about checking out score.org, a free service that helps pair up and comers with retired CEOs in advice / coaching.  There are sections for oil extraction, agriculture, women business owners and so on.  I like it. 

Link : www.score.org
Tue September 07 2010 06:30:37 PM by Oceanfront 1811 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Wed September 08 2010 12:03:15 AM

    Interesting concept. Restricted to USA !!?

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  • Oceanfront wrote:
    Wed September 08 2010 12:46:43 AM

    Shankar, I didn't even notice the narrow location selection drop down as I didn't use it. Looks like one should not be fooled by the site construction and keep the default selection at Nationwide. I searched by industry not locale.

    So yes it's global if you correspond by e mail and talk more about mechanical stuff, rather than law like I'm doing. The folks I've talked to are worth the risk of disappointment.

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