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Guidelines for algae industry 1

 A document on guidelines for the algae industry from ABO !

This  document was authored by the ABO’s Technical Standards Committee. The Technical standard committee was headed by  by Jim Sears of A2BE Carbon Capture.


The objective is to develop standards and best practices for the algae industry and facilitate the flow of information. Nearly 20 industry experts have commented and suggested  on it.


One of the key objective is to provide  metrics and variables for estimating and measuring the economic and environmental footprint and economic impact of an algal production facility.

The absence of common descriptive language has led to a lack of harmony among technologists, researchers, life cycle analysis specialists and entrepreneurs as they evaluate and promote algae technologies, said Mary Rosenthal, Executive Director of ABO. 

"This confusion has made it hard for others to truly capture, analyze and quantify algae technologies relative to one another. With a common language, such as the one we and many volunteer stakeholders have proposed, we hope to bring more clarity to the industry."



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