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Global Biodiesel Production and Market Report Posted by Natalia on Wed August 25 2010 07:19:42 AM 1

I know that this group deals with algae and oil from algae and has very little to do with biodiesel markets worldwide.
This article while it covers the whole world, it also shows as to how the entire industry is fuelled by the subsidies. It also proves that subsidies result in dumping commodities from one country to another etc., However it is a serious study on the biodiesel market. Market by market.
The influx of Argentine biodiesel into the European market primarily stems from an export tax system that favors biodiesel over soybean oil.

While Germany has maintained its position as Europe?s leading biodiesel producer, Dieter Bockey, spokesman for Germany says that several plants have filed for bankruptcy in recent years.

Africa is far behind the rest of the world when it comes to biofuels.

South America?s biodiesel industries are booming.
India also has enormous room for growth, but has yet to solidify any mandates, programs or significant infrastructure for biodiesel production.
China has the greatest growth potential based on economic activity.