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Algae and human waste to run cars in New York !!? Posted by Natalia on Sun November 21 2010 01:49:12 PM 12

"This project is still in the pilot phase, but the results are promising," Holloway said. "We can convert algae grown from the waste water New Yorkers produce every day to high-quality fuel that can be put right in your gas tank."

The Algal Turf Scrubber is a system that consists of two 350-foot metal sloped troughs and mimics a stream ecosystem by varying flow currents and using sunlight to promote algae growth.
 One of the algae processing system's two sloped troughs receives 40 gallons of treated wastewater per minute and the other receives 20 gallons per minute. When sufficient algae growth occurs, typically at 10 to 14 day intervals, the algae is removed using wet/dry vacuums. 
This is needed because algae has a high water content and the removal system allows for easy separation of the algae from the water. The algae is then sent to the chemical engineering department at the University of Arkansas, where it is converted to biofuel. The Algal Turf Scrubber is a patented technology developed by Dr. Walter Adey and help by the Smithsonian Institution.
The algae biofuel project is part of the Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan.