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Algae to jet fuel research by NMSU Posted by Natalia on Thu November 25 2010 11:11:35 PM 4

Aviation is the most polluting form of transportation. It pays the least amount of tax.

But the aviation industry is aware that  a legislation against their industry for emitting 

CO2 is not far off. The US military and Air force wants to work with NMSU to generate algae based jet fuel.

The European Union is due to extend its Emissions Trading System to include aviation in 2012, but others have resisted such measures. So far. 

NMSU post-doctoral researcher Prafulla D. Patil and NMSU professor... (Darren Phillips / NMSU)

They are also working with University of Central Florida to find out the impact of algal oil on jet engines. 

Shuguang Deng, a chemical engineering professor at NMSU "Algal biofuels look very promising, but there are a lot of technical issues," Deng said. "Algae have the highest energy content of plants. Only algae can meet the demand for a renewable energy source. I expect that in five to 10 years, we'll start seeing algal biofuels on the market."

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