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Algae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies Workshop Posted by Natalia on Sun January 30 2011 12:09:09 AM

When American algae producers, harvesting, extraction technologies, researchers,and engineering companies who agree that algae could be one solution to help get the US off of foreign oil join together in an open collaborative environment, good things happen!

 The NAA has challenged the industry to build the first 100 acres, to prove out true costs and economies of scale, and to give algae researchers opportunities, for the first time, to work in commercial-scale settings.   Innovative leadership and collaborative efforts have been rewarded with every press release announcing a new JV/partnership, strategic alliance or technology ready to be scaled.

For additional information, contact:

National Algae Association
4747 Research Forest Drive, Suite 180
The Woodlands, TX 77381

Algae dreams into reality today - not 10 years from now! Posted by Natalia on Thu August 26 2010 06:09:22 AM

" Join algaepreneurs in Houston on September 23-24, 2010
 and learn how we are making these
 dreams into reality today - not 10 years from now "

So screams the ad for the NAA seminar in Houston.

The dreams for our future that contains energy independence and national economic security are the dreams of algaepreneurs from around the world.

Whats more the ad even says

" Collaborate with Dr. Brian Hampson of CalPoly, Marco Brocken of Evodos, Joseph A. Holroyd of LakeMaster Corp, Victoria Kurtz of Fluid Imaging Technologies, Surijit Khanna of BARD Holding, OriginOil, John DePersenaire of Water Management Solutions, LLC, Dr. Matt Prufert of DRS Technologies, Stoel Rives, Serge Randhava of United Technologies, Inc., Bill Ramey of Novak Druce Quigg, Sebastian Thomas of Parry Nutraceuticals, Bob Vitale of Waterwheel Factory, Bob Weber of Sunrise Ridge Algae, and Will Thurmond of Emerging Markets Online.

Learn from NAA?s Engineering Consortium some of the details to consider in scaling up to 100 acre commercial facilities. Participate in the planning of a 2,200 acre algae production incubator in West Texas."

Overall, it looks like an interesting seminar.

Fast-tracking commercialization of algae, Works ! Posted by Natalia on Thu August 05 2010 09:55:02 PM

NAA is pleased to announce that production has begun at the commercial-scale demo photobioreactor at the Biotech Institute.

The tubes are green and additional strains are happily growing in the newly-constructed lab facilities. Among the accomplishments, the project took 4 months to construct and put into production, which reinforces NAA?s belief that fast-tracking commercialization of algae can be a reality.

Responses to the algae production incubator program have been enormous. Technologies are under currently review to determine viability of commercial scale-up.