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Microalgae to biodiesel in Chile

A new project, which is financially supported by the Chilean government, will promote the diversification of energy through the production of biofuels from microalgae.

The main objective of the initiative is to develop algae production which captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and also creates competitively priced biodiesel fuels.

The project is being developed by Bioscan in the region of Antofagasta, with co-financing from InnovaChile which is part of the Corporation for the Promotion of Production (CORFO), which facilitated CLP 323 million (USD 647,000).

After selecting effective strains of microalgae to produce lipids and optimised growth conditions in the laboratory, the technologically innovative project is now entering its second and final stage.

Agnes Cadavid, Project Director, explains that the goal is to create a technological solution to develop a quality product in sufficient quantity so that there is interest in the liquid biofuels industry.

The application uses biotechnology to produce fuel from algae grown in photobioreactors, pools, and then transform these fuels into biodiesel, an alternative fuel to pertrol.

The initiative will have a trial period, which is stipulated to be in 24 months time.
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