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Fuel from algae, demo at Washington Ave, Woodbine 2

WOODBINE   A multimillion-dollar ethanol plant is planned for a former landfill site, but members of the community can get a sneak peak of the technology in action next week.

Garden State Ethanol will demonstrate extracting the fuel from algae at a prototype site located on Washington Avenue at the old Gentilini Ford building.

The USDA is scheduled to visit Woodbine next Thursday to present a check for $98,000 to begin to transform the landfill into a production facility that could employ as many as 50 people.

The facility is still more than a year away, which is why the prototype is being used to demonstrate the technology next week.

Its going to take about a year to get permits for the site approved, and we'll just move from there,  Mayor William Pikolycky said.

When the final facility reaches full production, it's expected that 25 million gallons of ethanol and 10 million gallons of biodiesel will be produced at the site annually.

The event is scheduled for next Thursday at 11 a.m. The check presentation will take place at Borough Hall at 501 Washington St. with a tour of the prototype facility immediately afterward.

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Fri August 27 2010 12:44:39 PM

    HUHU.. Wats these code.. software programme???

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  • Natalia wrote:
    Sat August 28 2010 01:07:23 AM

    I dont know why it is happening. I edited it and now it is gone.

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