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AlgaeBill posted a comment on the application of human-generated nutrients derived from water treatment plants into culturing algae for fuel production in coastal lagoons, ponds... but I think we could rather focus on using these nutrients to fertilize-inoculate areas of the oceans with healthy strains of fit- and zooplankton in order to improve fisheries. 
Being algae the platform of the food-chain in the oceans, I propose that we start a research project on ways to fertilize-inoculate the sea with a mix of NPK, fito and zooplanktonic strains to produce something that could evolve similarly as a an upwelling event. Upwelling is a natural phenomena of clod-nutrient-rich ocean waters being pushed to the surface by the action of wind and currents displacing poor-unfertile surface water masses. The result of upwelling is an explosion of phytoplankton that depending on the strains available at the time of the event, becomes toxic or non-toxic. Non-toxic upwelling generates excellent conditions for an environment full of nutrients to feed and ramp-up krill, shrimp, squid and fish stocks.  
By locating this artificial upwelling conditions in the right place at the right time, we would be creating a phytoplankton boom able to provide food for stocks like squid, anchovy, sardines, etc.. and so, activate the flow of energy into the upper levels of the oceanic food chain.   
Here in western Canada, Metro Vancouver, our public services administrator and operator produces a nutrient named NUTRAFOR which comes from the water treatment plants. It is basically a thermally-treated product of the solid waste that is filtered from the urban waste water treatment plants. It is rich in carbon and in NPK. It has been used in land reclamation and landscaping with good results because is a cheap soil amendment. What do you think?
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