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Algae biomass summit plenary session !! Posted by Monterio on Sat October 02 2010 10:23:40 AM

Algae biomass summit consisting of panelists from Boeing, Phycal, UOP, BIO and NREL opined that oil from algae remained the most promising platform for replacing fossil fuel and for chemicals and other co products.The 2009 summit experienced an irrational exuberance and as agianst it, this year's was a mood of optimism. The reasons were1. increasing sophistication of the consortia2. collaborative partnerships and3. Entry of more large scale companies

You can read about the views of stalwarts like 
Jim Long, board director of Aurora Algae and a VC with Gabriel Venture Partners, Chris Cassidy, USDA, Gary Feldman of Lockheed Martin, Chris Eck of Raytheon, Mark Warner of Harris Group, Professor Shulin Chen of Washington State, Loy Wilkinson of Coastal Biomarine, Professor Dave Brune at the University of Missouri and Ross Youngs  of Algaeventure Systems in the url given below.http://biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2010/10/01/this-generation-is-a-regeneration-generation-voices-from-the-algal-biomass-summit/