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Position with Major Algae Producer on West Coast 2

I am currently seeking to hire a Ph D with strong algae experience for project work out on the West coast in the United States. Must have five years working actively with algae in an "applied" setting (for example, either in its natural habitat or in an outdoor artificial growth setting). This is a company that is a world leader in outdoor culturing and growth.

Please email me at mdpfirrman@gmail.com if interested. Should have at least an HB1 Visa to apply.
Thu July 08 2010 05:59:53 PM by MikePfirrman 1842 views

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  • Aslamk wrote:
    Tue September 28 2010 08:07:32 AM

    I will be attending Biofuels Conference in San Francisco on 9 - 10 Nov 2010. It will be interesting to visits open pond algae cultivation in West Coast, or States adjacent to California. Could you advise me to what company I can visit it, and how? I am currently producing biodiesels from CPO based in Indonesia. I am very interested to see an opportunity for algae oil, that it will be quite suitable with Indonesia climate.

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