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Dewatering of microalgal cultures: A major bottleneck to algae-based fuels Posted by MiaFranceska on Mon April 25 2011 08:17:07 PM 28

An interesting paper published on dewatering of microalgal cultures.

You can read it online at the url provided below.

A large amount of studies has been completed on the harvesting and
recovery techniques of microalgal cells in dilute suspensions. Due to
the differences in the biology of microalgal species, it is difficult to
name one method as superior.

The choice of which harvesting technique
to use depends on the species of microalgae and the final product
desired. Desired microalgal properties that simplify harvesting are
large cell size, high specific gravity compared to the medium, and
reliable autoflocculation. In addition to these, the optimum harvesting
method chosen for a particular microalgal species should have minimum
energy requirements and should be as economical as possible.

The main
harvesting techniques are summarized in Table 2.
Centrifugation is seen as the most efficient recovery technique, yet
the energy and capital costs associated are unappealing. Flocculation is
also a very efficient technique that is currently applied in
industries. Freshwater microalgae flocculation has been immensely
studied throughout the years.

However, there is a dearth of information
and comparative studies for marine microalgae. With growing concern
about freshwater resources in many parts of the world, further research
on the processing of marine microalgae would be very beneficial

more http://jrse.aip.org/resource/1/jrsebh/v2/i1/p012701_s1?view=fulltext