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Algae fuel rate can be doubled: Research at MSU Posted by MiaFranceska on Thu November 11 2010 11:14:31 PM 11

An interesting blog I read.


Researchers in the Montana State University have found that the algae fuel content can be doubled by the addition of baking soda as a nutrient source.

The researchers claim that this method was tried 20 years back by a grad student of the college named Rob Gardner.

But MSU Research Professor Emeritus in Microbiology Keith Cooksey claims that he probably would have missed the timing. Researchers claim that the timing of the addition of baking soda is very crucial for its succes. Will this be the right source at the right stage at the right time? Baking soda might be an important nutrient source as it gives a supply of CO2 in a concentrated form.

Following the algae industry for about a year and a half now, I feel that these findings, though in no way irrelevant are not in any sense breakthroughs. I remember writing a similar article about a University in the U.S about a month ago which claimed adding a bicarbonate source at an exact time would double algal fuel yield. These findings may or may not help in the large scale activities of algae cultivation but the important aspect of making algae biofuels a success is in developing an intelligent business model, analysing some key issues and trying them out in large scale systems in a few different locations for some time and then take it to the next stage. Sadly though, we get lab scale results such as this one claiming to be breakthroughs once every week but we have very few large scale plants operating around the world.

But again, there are interesting things happening around the world with the commercialisation process being catalysed by the U.S navy?s laudable go-green policy and heavyweight companies and research consortia looking to get to the next stage of the algae fuel scene.

As ever, the Oilgae team observes intently!