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Algae companies to watch 27

"? Expect algae to remain a hot business commodity moving forward" says?

Amanda C. Kooser

The Western region is already a hotbed for algae,?she continues

Heliae (Ariz.): Heliae is working on commercial scale algae growth for fuel. The company spun out from research conducted at Arizona State University into the production of kerosene from algae.

Inventure Chemical (Wash.): Founded in 2006, Inventure got started by looking at the conversion of algae to biodiesel and ethanol and has expanded its view to include biochemicals, plastics, coatings and fibers. The company is part of the Washington State Algae Alliance, which received $2 million in state funding through Washington State University in 2010 for algae research.

Solazyme (Calif.): Solazyme, founded in 2003, has a wide-ranging approach that looks at algae for fuels, chemicals, foods and health science products like cosmetics. A Series D round of funding earlier this year clocked in at $52 million.

Solix Biofuels (Colo.): Venture-funded Solix is geared toward industrial scale production technology that can turn algae into fuel. The company signed an agreement with Los Alamos National Labs in late 2009 to develop an algal oil extraction process created by the lab.

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