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Pressure cook Algae 2

Heating and squishing microalgae in a pressure cooker can speed the oil-making process. Researchers are working to improve the method in an effort to develop affordable, carbon-neutral biofuels.
Thu July 22 2010 02:47:56 PM by MiaFranceska Algae oil 1534 views

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  • Duncan wrote:
    Thu July 22 2010 03:47:55 PM

    Here is more of what is said in the Michigan univ site. Its pretty interesting.
    We make an algae soup,? Savage said. ?We heat it to about 300 degrees and keep the water at high enough pressure to keep it liquid as opposed to steam. We cook it for 30 minutes to an hour and we get a crude bio-oil.?
    The high temperature and pressure allows the algae to react with the water and break down. Not only does the native oil get released, but proteins and carbohydrates also decompose and add to the fuel yield.
    ?We?re trying to do what nature does when it creates oil, but we don?t want to wait millions of years,? Savage says. ?The hard part is taking the tar that comes out of the pressure cooker and turning it into something you could put in your car, changing the properties so it can flow more easily, and doing it in a way that?s affordable.?
    Savage and his colleagues are taking a broad and deep look at this process. They are investigating ways to use catalysts to bump up the energy density of the resulting bio-oil, thin it into a flowing material, and also clean it up by reducing its sulfur and nitrogen content.
    They?re also examining the process from a life-cycle perspective, seeking to recycle waste products to grow new source material for future fuel batches. This doesn?t have to be algae, Savage says. It could be any ?wet biomass.?

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  • Fri July 23 2010 04:17:22 AM

    Your views are very informative, In india there are mainly open pond systems, but since we are subtropical it causes contamination thus not giving consistent resource supply. could you suggest the most practical way of growing algae??
    PBR or OPS whichever??..Thank you.
    my email is kamath.nitin@gmail.com

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