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Australia funds Algae Power 4

AUSTRALIA is $5 million closer to an algae-powered ?bio carbon capture and storage? system for fossil-fuel powered electricity generation plants.
The Federal funding will help a partnership between the Advanced Manufacturing Co-operative Research Centre (AMCRC) and MBD Energy to advance the development of a system that uses algae to capture greenhouse emissions, and in turn produce biofuels and animal feed.
Tue July 20 2010 04:03:54 AM by MiaFranceska carbon print  |  biofuel 1661 views

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  • Glsimiane wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 06:16:33 PM

    Hi Mia, Whoa when you see the size of the project (bigger than the power plant itself) you wonder what is the objective. The carbon foot print of it must be negative. I am sure you are aware this has been tried in AZ and failed (RE: Green Fuel Technology) for reasons that are more financial and business structure than algae technology it self. I believe this will come in a few year but a new technology has to be developed, the rate of evaporation and risk of contamination are major issues. I hope the project itself will concentrate on how to capture on a small scale the CO2 at the stack and discriminate others non pure gases from the flues gases to make it work. DO you have more details on the project scope?

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  • Emily wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 11:19:16 PM

    $ 5 m from the gov and equal amount from MBD is huge. But not bigger than a power plant. Unless you are talking about a 10 MW plant or plants lower in capacity than 10 MW.
    There is no comparison between a power plant and an algae research and development centre.
    With a major player like MBD involved with the Governmnet of Australia involved, it is a great try and we hope it turns out successful.

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  • Wed July 21 2010 02:24:09 PM

    Thanks Mia, your link to Stock and Land mentions a story from last November, http://sl.farmonline.com.au/news/nationalrural/agribusiness-and-general/political/opposition-embraces-algal-carbon-solution/1675464.aspx

    "Opposition embraces algal carbon solution
    12 Nov, 2009 10:22 AM
    THE FEDERAL opposition is shifting to a view that algae might be the key to cutting emissions from coal-fired power stations, amid mounting pessimism about the prospects for carbon capture and storage (CCS).
    If correct, this would mean that, instead of being injected deep under the earth's surface, greenhouse gases from coal-fired power stations could be combined with sewage and exposed to sunlight to form an algae used to make products such as biofuels and fertiliser.

    Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt told The Australian Financial Review: "We were very cautious about algal energy but we are now beginning to take the view that CCS is likely to be a bit slower than we expected [and] algal energy is likely to be a lot faster than we had expected."

    He cited algal energy company MBD Energy, which is undertaking a project at the Loy Yang A brown-coal power stations in Victoria and which last week signed on as a cornerstone investor.

    But MBD agribusiness manager Tony St Clair said the viability of algal sequestration depended in part on having Australia's emissions trading scheme recognise agricultural offsets - the key demand of the coalition in its negotiations with the government."

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