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Is Exxon's algae investment moving too slowly? 5

It is not for nothing did they say " you cant make an elephant dance"
Exxon's algae venture is already one year old and we were all waiting with bated breath to hear lots of progress on 14th. Their anniversary day on collaboration with Craig Venter's SGI to create a modified algae.

All that they announced on Wednesday was that they are opening up a greenhouse to take their research ie awayfrom the lab.
I also read elsewhere, that they are planning to grow algae using sea water.

It is obvious that neither Exxon Mobile nor SGI can be expected to run fast. Given the rate of depletion of fossil fuel and the rate of deterioration of environment, I am in a hurry :-)
Fri July 16 2010 03:37:17 AM by MiaFranceska sgi  |  exxon 1727 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 03:49:20 AM

    On wednesday's speech, both Venter and Emil Jacobs, ExxonMobil's vice president of research and development, emphasized the safety and containment characteristics of the greenhouse unveiled today. Venter acknowledges that Synthetic Genomics plans to grow some genetically engineered strains of algae in the greenhouse.

    In my opinion this is an important progress.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 04:05:01 AM

    Yes. But certainly not as much as one was expecting.

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 07:10:31 PM

    why would Exxon want to cut there own throat. They may have us pay for there research until they have milked the oil fields dry then bring on there algae products.

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  • Anto wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 01:10:31 AM

    All of us trust in algae, however if somebody think that to get oil (= energy) from algae could be easy as to get crude he is on the wrong way.
    Algae probably (we think) will be THE solution to energy needs, (and probably to get other chemicals) but will require works and technology to develop the best processes. In my opinion Algae Technology is one of the most promizing industry for next future. We need time and knowledge!

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