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USDA Biofuels Strategic Production Report 6

The USDA projected in its report that the US, in order to meet its 2022 RFS target of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel, would produce 13.4 billion gallons formed educated energy crops, including perennial grasses, energy cane, and biomass sorghum; 500 million gallons from oilseed crops, 4.3 billion gallons from crop residues (corn stover, straw), 2.8 billion gallons from woody biomass (logging residues only) and 15 billion gallons from corn starch ethanol.

The USDA projected a capital cost of $8 per gallon of capacity for the buildout of biorefineries, based on an average 40 Mgy capacity for cellulosic biofuels plants ? while recognizing that initial capital costs will be higher ? with a total capital requirement of $160 billion, and requiring the construction of 500 biorefineries by 2022.

The estimates for algae is either abysmally low or NOT included.

Fri June 25 2010 05:48:44 AM by MiaFranceska USDA Biofuels Strategic Production Report 2260 views

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 09:11:15 AM

    Thank you very much for these information

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 10:44:04 PM

    I am shocked to see that the Estimates for algae are abysmally low or not included. Wonder why ?
    How is it that venture funding is still going in for Algae ventures.
    Are there any data available on how much of venture funding goes to BIo fuels and in that what percentage goes for algae fuels ?

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  • Anto wrote:
    Sat June 26 2010 05:05:26 AM

    Me too can write "I am shocked to see that the Estimates for algae are abysmally low" , however 2022 is a medium date forecast. If you want to arrive ready at that date, you have to plan now investments based on fixed technologhy, ect. Which is the technology for producing algae biofuels, which cost, etc. Unfurtunately now we cannot write fixed number. We expect to get product / process with low cost impact vs. those available now. So introduce algae removing other process should be safe for many aspects, it can be considered a potential saving. However there is an other aspect: every day somebody is planning investments based on fixed datas. Each day we loose before having a suitable proces to produce algae biofuel is a potentian investment we loose for this technology. So everyboody want to produce algae biofuel at 60 $/barrel, but even now there is not a standars process available on the market that can warranty a cost of 1000 $/barrel. Probably many process/company can get easily this target but means to share reserved information that could lead to promizing results.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Wed June 30 2010 03:59:25 AM

    To date, all hype in algae to oil has not resulted in a working commercial plant of meaningful scale in comparison to typical petroleum processing plants !!

    With no solid proof that algal biofuels will ever reach commercial scale and no lobbyists playing cheerleader, the USDA Roadmap writers had little reason to include Algae in it.

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  • Fri July 02 2010 04:22:09 AM

    I was under the impression that the best plant to get biofuel was algae as it circumvents the food vs fuel debate. But.....

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