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Leslie Prufert-Bebout Receives Blue Marble Award 4

NASA Ames Scientist Leslie Prufert-Bebout Receives Blue Marble Award

"Lee is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of microbial ecology. While studying algal communities, she has developed new methods for water remediation, carbon dioxide sequestration, green energy production and other high value products," said Orlando Santos, chief of the Exobiology Branch at NASA Ames. ?Her work has not only benefited NASA missions, but will help our country meet some of its energy independence goals.?

Prufert-Bebout is a microbial ecologist who studies the symbiotic interactions of the many different species in natural biological communities. This work is critical for developing artificial systems potentially capable of generating diesel fuel, methane, hydrogen, or other commercial products. Her research provides answers to species selection, community structure of ecosystems, and optimal conditions for growth of desired biomass products. Her microbial work is critical to open pond systems and closed bioreactor systems that may be used on future NASA exploration missions.

In addition to facilitating many collaborations, she initiated a project to study Bodega photo-bioreactors, and both promoted and participated in Ames? RoboAlgae and Sunnyvale Water Pollution Control projects.
Thu June 24 2010 10:39:29 PM by MiaFranceska Leslie Prufert-Bebout Receives Blue Marble Award 1770 views

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  • Mahesh wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 04:34:14 PM

    Can i get some more details regarding NOx crubing and carbon sequestering ???

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri June 25 2010 10:49:11 PM

    She seems to be a great researcher ! Was she given the award for
    a. Research done for NASA
    b. Research done for Algae strain selection or any such specific area !
    c. Over all contribution to research ?

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