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A Public Holding Company Focused on Algae Tech and Algae-Biodiesel Turnkey
Projects for the Production of Biodiesel, WHEN to Raise 100 $m 29

World Health Energy Holdings Inc. (WHEN) signed an engagement letter with Millennium Capital Resources (MCR) LLC, a project development and financial advisory firm, to raise up to $100 million in working capital through non-equity financing. As an integral part of the capital raise, MCR is to facilitate the issuance of loan guarantees from the World Bank.

MCR is focused on providing institutional equity, secured and mezzanine loan capital, corporate advisory services and merger and acquisition services to middle market companies and to its deal partners. To date, Millennium Capital has closed over 7 billion dollars in deals. Millennium has a long history in the mining and minerals sector as well as the conventional and alternative energy sectors.

WHEN recently acquired GNE-India, an algae technology company which provided WHEN the distribution and licensing rights to a unique and innovative system to grow algae quickly and efficiently for energy and food protein. GNE-India owns and retains the territorial rights for distribution and sales of the proprietary technology to both India and Sri Lanka.

WHEN has formulated a business plan focused on algae biofuels, which gives substantially higher yields in comparison to ethanol derived from corn, rapeseed, jatropha and palm oil. The company also works with visionary enterprises in the renewable energy sector producing progressive, broad-based solutions for better physical, nutritional and environmental health worldwide. In addition, the company is pursuing an ancillary use of algae, that is, for the production of high-protein fish feed for commercial fish farms.

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